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We offer turn-key lighting retrofit services.  Our own staff of skilled electricians and project managers will oversee the installation of each project.  We get the job done quickly.  You can count on our in-house team to be professional and efficient.  Please see our testimonials.  Our customers will affirm that this is our highest priority.  We offer recycling, material handling, staging, lifts, permits, disposal, grants, project management.  

We can accommodate 3rd shift jobs or travel as needed.  Even after the project is complete we offer on going customer support and warranty service.  We take great pride in the quality of our work and our customer satisfaction.

In House Labor

At kW Efficiency we are experts in maximizing the utility rebate to your benefit.   We are recognized as an Energy Service Provider and Trade Ally with most major utilities.  We know every available rebate.  We process all the paperwork for you.  We can even arrange for the rebate check to come to us, lowering your capital investment.  Our customers consistently remark that we achieve or exceed our estimated energy savings.  

Using these programs we save you money upfront and on every energy bill moving forward.  Please contact us to provide a free quote for your facility and see what rebates you may qualify for at this time.

Utility Rebates


kW Efficiency specializes in lighting retrofits for commercial and industrial facilities.  Our goal is to recognize the best technological improvements that will yield the maximum benefits for your facility.  Because of our volume and the relationships with our suppliers, we can provide the best materials price without sacrificing the quality of the product.   In addition to this large volume purchasing power, we offer specialized crews.  We have expert lighting designers that can provide photo metric layouts, lighting control options and automation.  kW focuses on educating our customers  so they can select the best long term value unique to their facility, not just the cheapest solution.

Lighting Experts

For any inquiries or questions, please call:

240-439-4027 or fill out the following form


Head Office
Get a quote: 240-439-4027

5115 Pegasus Ct

Suite G

Frederick MD 21704

Tel: 240-439-4027

Fax: 480-393-5316

To apply for a job with kW Efficiency, please send cover letter and resume to  We are currently seeking experienced Account Executives to join our Sales Team. 

Success! Message received.


kW Efficiency is proud of our customers environmental impact. Together, the kW hours they have saved equals:*

- Green house gas emissions from 14,845 cars off the road for a year or 22,303 tons of waste recycled instead of landfilled.
- Carbon sequestered by 1,821,324 tree seedlings grown for 10 years or 66,525 acres of forest in a year.
- Reduced CO2 emissions equivalent to 18 wind turbines installed, 8 million gallons of gasoline consumed, or 10,378 homes' electricity use for 1 year.

* These numbers are an estimate and based on the EPA's calculation of 7.03 × 10-4 metric tons CO2 / kWh.  They are growing daily as our customer see an ongoing impact.  





“I am writing to attest to the excellent work that kW Efficiency has performed for Hospital Central Services… I am pleased to say the projections in the area of energy savings were quite accurate.  The light fixtures recommended are working well, with no quality issues reported.  HCSC appreciates kW’s assistance with our energy program.  kW Efficiency is considered a valuable resource that we would not hesitate to use again in the future.”  


- W. Lee Hardiman Jr, Chief Engineer, Hospital Central Services – Baltimore

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